Ayudas a la financiación | Grants for Innovative Drug Development

15 de junio de 2015
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Bayer HealthCare offers financial support to assess and to promote the exploration of your small-molecule lead that could result in a new drug development. The next submission period will begin in July 2015.


This is What They Are Granting For


With their Grants4Leads® initiative they are looking for novel small-molecule leads that relate particularly to the fields of oncology, cardiology, hematology and gynecological therapies.


Successful applications would be initially allocated a €5,000 grant, while they assess the lead’s bioactivity. If confirmed, they might initiate a joint lead-exploration project with you, in which case you would receive further substantial financial support from Bayer HealthCare. Such a collaboration would then be subject to the negotiation of a contract reflecting the interests of all parties involved.


What is a small-molecule lead?


Within the G4L framework, they define a “lead” as a small molecule (excluding peptides, antisense oligonucleotides and RNAis) that addresses a specific target or pathway in a selective manner.


What is lead-exploration?


Lead-exploration is the process that corroborates the lead’s suitability by synthesizing analogs and assessing their properties and pharmacological activities both in vitro and in vivo.


Application Process


The submission is non-confidential and should include information on the lead properties, including such biological data as target and affinities (IC50, Ki, etc.). For intellectual property (IP) reasons, please do NOT reveal the chemical structure, even if the structure has already been published.


Proposals can only be submitted via the submission form.The next submission period will begin in July 2015.


Review Process

Your submission will be reviewed by senior scientists at Bayer HealthCare. In the following we provide an overview of the major criteria for our decision. Nevertheless, the decision is entirely at our discretion without any obligation to justify it or to give reasons.

In evaluating your submission, we will consider the following:


1. Molecular descriptors

2. Biological activity

3. Patent protection and third-party rights