Introducción a React.js y TDD for Kids

01/01/1970 00:00
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19:50hrs Arrival of the participants
20:00hrs React.js: Primeros pasos (spanish)
20:30hrs TDD for kids (english)
21:15pm: Beers and Networking

ReactJS: Primeros Pasos – Ángel R. Molina (en español)

Conoceremos los conceptos básicos de React, como trabajar con one-way-binding y el funcionamiento de su DOM virtual entre otras cosas.
La idea es salir de la charla con los primeros pasos necesarios para hacer una aplicación en pocos minutos. Todo el código de la charla se basará en ES6.
• Introducción a React: qué es y porqué emerge
• Sintaxis JSXComponentes y la comunicación entre ellos
• State y Props
• Lifecycle
• Ejemplos prácticos de React


TDD for Kids – Wolfram Kriesing (en inglés)

In order to get hooked by TDD it sometimes seems too much effort to setup things, but that should not be the barrier. Along came Google Spreadsheets and I had a no-setup environment, at least for doing katas and showing of the magic of being rewarded with a red box switching to green once I implemented the right thing. I will tell you the story of how I tried to make TDD as simple as possible and how I ended up with Google Spreadsheets and also how this inspired me to build tddbin.com for use at our JSCodeRetreats. I believe it’s the red-green cycle that got them hooked. I did it with students and also kids even a manager asked me “why does not everyone program like that?”




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